2022 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Power and Systems (ICIPS 2022)
Welcome Prof. Changdong Wu,Xihua University,China to be the TPC!


Prof. Changdong Wu,Xihua University,China

Wu Changdong, professor and doctor, director of the Teaching Department of electrical engineering and electronics, director of the online open course alliance of electrical engineering and electronics in Chinese universities, and director of the electronic circuit research association of electronic technology in Colleges and universities in Southwest China. Presided over more than 10 provincial scientific research projects, provincial educational reform projects and provincial quality engineering projects of the Ministry of education. The main research and teaching reform project won the first prize of the 8th excellent teaching achievement award of higher education in Sichuan Province. The first author published dozens of SCI and EI search papers, guiding students to obtain five national undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training programs.