Military fitness

ICIPS version of military fitness is a multicomponent physical preparation with survival psychology elements (use of productive aggression, controlled adrenaline surge, teaching to act in extreme situations, primary threats profiling). We give our clients the tool to create themselves as a "versatile person" – the one who will be able to feel confident in any situation.

Paramilitary sport

ICIPS version of paramilitary sport is a systematic training for proficiency maintenance both for professionals (occupation - from collectors and bodyguards to the security forces and law enforcement agencies) and for athletes – fans of training in military style. Our integrated sports programs for complex maintenance of special and general physical level of preparation are accessible in civilian fitness and sports clubs and adapted to different climatic conditions and basic equipment of gyms.

Social optional classes

Feel capable to protect yourself and your relatives! During our facultative seminar-practical works you’ll obtain a whole complex of knowledge and you’ll work out numerous skills on ensuring personal and collective security within one small course: that is especially urgent in the conditions of time and money deficiency. Everyone who even once found himself a situation of uncertainty or hostile presence – understands how important is to realize threats that house owner can face and be able to prevent them. At least. Or then – to repel an attack.


The Israeli Tactical School ProgramThursday, 07 July 2016

"Two training programs in the Single Course"

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MASTER-CLASS 6.06-12.06Thursday, 02 June 2016

«Basis of Israeli Tactical School».
From June 6 till June 12 from ICIPS International (Israel)
(The duration is for 2 hours).

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The Seminar held by ICIPS in the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of UkraineTuesday, 19 April 2016

On Tuesday, April 12, 2016 in the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine the seminar of ICIPS Ukraine “The system of Paramilitary sports and fitness trainings based on the programs of the Israeli Academy for counter-terror and public Security «Caliber 3 International»" was held.

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To the attention of our dear clients and friends! Due to the anniversary of ICIPS in Ukraine, on April 23d the very unique seminar: “Profiling: the Minutes of the Counter-terror #1 (for civilians) will be held. The training will be conducted by the Certified Israeli specialist, the veteran of the Special Forces of the Israeli Defense Army, the instructor in force of the state services in the academy for counter-terror and public security. 

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ICIPS disciplines

Army tactical airsoft
Adrenaline cardio training
Basics of tactical and para-medicine
Basics of tactical and para-medicine
Krav maga – army hand-to-hand fighting
Krav maga – army hand-to-hand fighting
Basics of special psychology
Basics of personal and public security
Basics of personal and public security